4.5 Inch Curved Iris Scissor


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Miltex® SuperCut Iris Scissors 4-1/2" length, #5-SC-306, made of OR-grade German stainless steel, have a variety of uses in and out of operating rooms. Sharp, pointed tips and precision-ground blades make precision cuts during surgery. The curved Iris scissors neatly follow contours in small areas, making them ideal for removing necrotic tissue. Use them for trimming DuoDerm patches and ostomy wafers to size and cutting dressings, gauze and tape to cover surgical sites. Miltex Iris scissors have the brand and model number etched into the handle for ease of reordering.

  • Miltex SuperCut curved Iris scissors feature precision-ground blades for effortless cutting
  • OR grade German stainless steel and sharp blades make the curved scissors ideal for surgical use
  • Reordering is easy with the brand and model number (#5-SC-306) etched into the handles

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