CoFlex Self-Adherent Cohesive Rainbow Bandages Pack


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Reduce a chance of restricted blood circulation by using CoFlex self-adherent cohesive rainbow bandage packs, including 36 or 48 per order. The material is safe for all skin types to cover a wide range of patients. CoFlex cohesive bandages are easy to tear by hand, which speeds up essential work for medical staff. Each roll is 5 yds. long, and it's possible to choose from 1.5-in. or 2-in. bandage widths. 

  • Assist patients by providing CoFlex cohesive bandages, which don't irritate the skin 
  • They're tearable by hand, offering convenience for medical workers
  • 1.5-in. or 2-in. CoFlex bandage wrap widths are available in versatile rainbow colors 

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