CoFlex NL Self-Adherent Cohesive Camo Color Pack


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

This CoFlex NL self-adherent cohesive camo color pack is a bandage that tears effortlessly by hand, making it easy to use without scissors. The bandages come in the following widths: 1", 1.5", 2", 3", 4" and 6". The manufacturer makes CoFlex NL with a material that prevents leakages and minimizes discomfort after blood draws, so it provides protection. Packages range in size from 12 to 48 rolls, for flexibility in ordering. Each roll is 5 yds. long. The material of the CoFlex wrap is soft to the skin to provide controlled compression with non-slip support that's sweat- and water-resistant. The bandage adheres for ease of application.

  • The CoFlex NL bandage is easy to use since it adheres and tears easily
  • It comes in different bandage widths and roll pack quantities, giving you a range of options
  • Its soft material provides controlled compression

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