CanDo Exercise Mat - 24" x 72" x 0.6"


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A CanDo® exercise mat is a good way to improve patient comfort. Your choice of physical therapy exercise equipment will go a long way in ensuring that your patients have a more comfortable time while going through therapy. These mats are not only ideal for a physical therapist’s office; they are also great for health clubs, gyms, and even at home.

The CanDo physiotherapy mat is one of the many available CanDo products for physical therapy. This fitness mat is waterproof, so there’s no need to worry about spills nearby leaching into the mat. These mats are made of a sturdy, closed-cell foam that does not leach into the environment or stain your floors.

These mats are a great addition to your physical therapy supply room, as they are ideal for yoga, Pilates and other types of stretching workout. All CanDo exercise mats are ideal for patients with some allergies and sensitivities as they are free of latex.

What dimensions do these cell foam exercise mats come in?

These exercise mats are 24 in. wide, 72 in. long and 0.6 in. thick. When rolled up, the mat is 24 in. long with an 8 in. diameter, making for easy transportation.

What colors do these fitness mats come in?

This physiotherapy mat is available in five colors: blue, black, green, red and yellow.

Do these fitness mats come with a bulk discount?

Yes. These exercise mats come with a bulk discount if you order 10 at a time.


  • Provide a better level of care with comfortable, safe-to-use CanDo exercise mats
  • These mats are colorful and filled with environmentally friendly and nonporous foam
  • With five different colors, you can find a mat that matches your physical therapy office decor
  • These mats are latex-free for those who have allergies
  • The versatile design of this mat means you’ll be able to accommodate many types of workouts

Ensure your patients are comfortable during their stretching therapy with a CanDo exercise mat from CeilBlue™.

This item has an extended handling time. Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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