96-Well Reversible Microtube Racks


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The 96-Well Reversible Microtube Racks have clear polypropylene covers that snap on firmly during transportation and storage. They hold 0.5 ml on one side or 1.5ml - 2ml microtubes (MCTs) on the other and have a recessed area on top of the cover to allow for stacking on top of each other. The microtube racks have two frosted writing areas that ensure smooth sample identification and systematic storage. The tabs on each end of the rack are easy to grasp, which makes it easy to remove them. The microtube holder has handy lid snaps at each end of the rack and has separation by molded grid lines making them more visible. The racks come in packs of five.

  • Cover snaps in place easily, making it hold tubes firmly in place during transportation
  • Frosted writing areas make it easy for sample identification
  • Microtube racks come in packs of five for ample supplies

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