Furnish Your Facility With CanDo Equipment


CanDo Exercise Equipment Buying Guide

CanDo® offers a wide range of fitness and physical therapy equipment and tools to help therapists enhance their treatment capabilities and success. The CanDo products lineup includes massage tools, such as small handheld balls, rolls and rings with a textured surface to help ease tight muscles. Balance equipment includes boards, aerobic pads and inflatable balls. Squeeze balls and hand exercisers help clients restore ability and mobility in their hands and forearms. CanDo weights, such as medicine balls, dumbells and kettlebells are useful for a wide variety of strength-building exercises. Aquatic exercise gear is suitable for water therapy practices. Many physical therapy resistance bands and tubes are helpful for numerous resistance exercises for both rehabilitation and athletics. CanDo products include storage and office equipment to keep equipment tidy. 

Why choose CanDo products 

CanDo fitness products are special exercise and physical therapy equipment and tools. CanDo has been making physical therapy exercise equipment to meet the demands of physical therapists, athletic trainers and the public since the 1980s. CanDo fitness products are designed to build strength, balance, muscle conditioning, dexterity and flexibility for people requiring rehabilitation or athletes looking to enhance their performance.


Relax patients with CanDo massagers

CanDo products
include a wide range of massage tools. Massagers aid physical therapists to relieve tense and tight muscles, increase blood flow to an area, release myofascial tissues and target trigger points. The bumpy textured surface on many of the handheld massagers is useful for dexterity exercises and sensory stimulation.

- Clients can roll on foam rollers using their body weight for relief. Half- and full-size foam rollers are also useful to prop up and position clients      during exercises and stretches.
- Massage balls are handy across the entire body. Small massage balls are especially helpful to fit underneath the feet and around the neck.
- Peanut massagers are rounded at both ends and skinnier in the center. This peanut shape is suitable on the base of the feet and across the      back and neck to target both sides of the back while putting less pressure across the spine.
- Massage rings are useful on the hands, feet, arms, legs and back. Rollers are easy to hold for massaging all areas of the body.

CanDo exercise equipment for strength-building

Building strength is an essential component of any athletic or rehabilitation program. CanDo exercise equipment for strength-building challenges clients and targets specific areas to enhance their performance and results. Each type of strength exercise equipment is designed to work specific body parts. 

 -Hand exercisers in the Cando products range come in a variety of types from squeeze balls to hand grips, weights, Theraputty® and webs.      Hand exercisers work hand and forearm strength and dexterity.
- Aerobic pads add instability and challenge to standing exercises.
- CanDo weights for physical therapy, such as kettlebells and medicine balls, have handles or a textured surface for a secure grip during
  upper- body weight training.
- Exercise bars are highly versatile for strength and range-of-motion exercises in standing, sitting or supine positions. These CanDo products      are available in a variety of weights to increasingly make exercises tougher as the client strengthens and becomes more flexible.
- Resistance bands add varying levels of difficulty and support during upper and lower body exercises to target specific body parts.

Aquatic therapy CanDo products

Aquatic therapy is beneficial to help build strength and function with reduced impact on joints compared to land-based exercises. CanDo fitness products include many options that are waterproof and buoyant, making them suitable for aquatic therapy. Roll waterproof exercise mats are useful as buoyancy devices. Foam exercise noodles easily bend and contort to add resistance and support during aquatic exercises. Kickboards help patients maintain the proper position for assistance in the water column during swimming exercises. Cando weights for hands, ankles and jogger belts add resistance to training and rehabilitation routines. 


Help patients improve balance with CanDo

Restoring balance is a vital part of any rehabilitation and training program. Balance is essential for mobility, coordination skills and postural support. CanDo exercise equipment for balance includes balance boards and stones, which add difficulty to standing exercises. Inflatable balls and balance discs are highly versatile for many types of strength and balance exercises. Ball chairs are one of the many CanDo fitness products that work core muscles to enhance balance in an ergonomic seated position. The highly versatile modular CanDo MVP balance system can be used in conjunction with wobble or rocker boards to increase instability and challenge the client's balancing skills. This versatile CanDo product range features four interchangeable balls to allow for exercise adjustments and changeable difficulty levels. 

CanDo exercise mat features

CanDo fitness products include yoga and exercise mats. Exercise mats come with or without grommets. Grommets allow mats to be hung instead of rolled, providing more storage options. Thick 0.6-in. (1.52 cm) mats with closed-cell foam construction absorb shock to reduce the impact on the client's joints while maintaining durability and flexion. Many mats in the CanDo exercise equipment range have an environmentally friendly triclosan-free anti-microbial coating to help keep them clean. Select mats that match your clinic's decor with multiple color options. CanDo mats are waterproof and can float, making them useful for hydrotherapy exercises. Their textured surfaces help clients grip the mats during stretches and exercises for stability and control.

Exercise mats versus yoga mats

CanDo exercise equipment includes both yoga and exercise mats. Mats provide a supportive base for exercises when working with CanDo products for physical therapy. Exercise mats tend to be thicker at 0.6 in. (1.52 cm), while yoga mats are thinner at 0.25 in. (0.64 cm) for easier portability. Opt for thicker mats from the CanDo fitness products selection for the benefit of more shock absorption during high-impact exercises. Thinner mats are typically more lightweight and easier to roll for storage and maneuverability. The foam construction differs between exercise and yoga mats. Exercise mats have closed-cell foam, which provides a softer feel, while thinner yoga mats allow for more connection to the ground. The size of yoga mats makes them suitable for one person, while exercise mats are available in individual sizes or larger to fit multiple people. Non-skid bases on both types of mats secure them to the ground for more stability during exercises and stretching as well as reducing the chances of leaving marks on the floor.


Keep offices tidy with CanDo storage and organization equipment

Storage and organizational furniture is available to help keep CanDo exercise equipment tidy in the clinic. Proper storage furniture gives your clinic a clean, professional look as well as making it a safe area to move around in. Having a well-organized space also shortens the time it takes to pick up the tool you need while treating clients to make the most of appointment times. Storage products include exercise band holders that keep resistance bands organized by color and strength for quick access. Upright foam racks with wheels are easy to move around the clinic or in and out of a storage place. Quickly grab foam rollers from the base of stationary foam racks, and then conveniently put them back at the top. 

Sturdy kettlebell racks and medicine ball racks keep different types of CanDo physical therapy weights off the ground in an orderly manner and make them easy to pick up. Bar racks come in multiple sizes to hold between three and 10 exercise bars either vertically or horizontally. 

Exercise equipment and physical therapy supplies are essential to help therapists provide clients with the best training and rehabilitation programs to quickly enhance their mobility and restore normalcy into their daily lives. CanDo fitness products have been key in the physical therapy, rehabilitation and athletic training industry for over 20 years. Their products can be used to furnish any therapy and exercise focused facility to help patients build strength, balance, coordination and mobility.