XPOWER B-4 Mobile Pro Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The XPOWER B-4 Mobile Pro Force Dryer comes with a single low vibration, balanced motor and improved carbon brush design that produces at least 40% less noise than our nearest competitor. Drawing only 10 amps of power at max speed, the Mobile Pro 3 HP single motor force dryer features variable speed control and is preferred by novice groomers who want precise control in airflow for the toughest large breeds to the smallest and most timid toy breeds, and priced at the lowest cost for a variable speed pet dryer that offers portability, quietness, low power usage, and high job effectiveness. Constructed with durable and lightweight ABS plastic, the B-4 pet dryer comes complete with three secure screw-on styling nozzles and an 8 Ft. long x 1.7 inches diameter high flex thermal hose. A washable 3-filter system keeps the motor operating at top efficiency and is easily accessible through the screw-off end cap. In addition, B-4 is compatible with the Wall Mount Kit (WMK-2) for convenient storage, as well as the multiple position tilt capable Stand Mount Kit (SMK-3) with Stand Conversion Arm (SCA) to convert to a hands-free dryer. With a one year limited manufacturer warranty, the XPOWER B-4 Mobile Pro Force Dryer is precision engineered for many years of service.
  • Superb choice for novice groomers and self-serve pet washes. Variable speed control knob for precise airflow adjustments
  • Patented noise reduction technology for quiet operation. Heat available with natural motor-warmed air
  • Powerful high velocity 3 HP brush motor, producing up to 150 CFM of airflow. Unique washable 3-filter system keeps the motor running efficiently
  • Includes an 8’ long x 1.7” dia. heat-resistant high-flex hose. 3 secure screw-on nozzle attachments: cone, flat, and round
  • Compatible with XPOWER Wall Mount Kit (WMK-2) and Stand Mount Kit (SMK-3). Lightweight and durable ABS plastic (the same that football helmets use) housing design. 10 Ft. power cord with wrap-around cord design. Dual thermal protection and ETL/CETL safety certified

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