Waterproof Diaper Scale with Tare Function - 10.4" x 7.9" x 4.5"


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Get concise measurements of your patients' fluid discharge with this waterproof diaper scale with tare function - 10.4-in. x 7.9-in. x 4.5-in. Medical professionals need to measure the amount of fluid discharge patients have for many different diagnostic purposes. While they can obtain that information from the standard patient from simple urine and stool cups, they can't get the information the same way from patients who wear diapers. Hospitals and medical centers use medical instruments like these physician scales to measure the fluid output for these patients. 

This waterproof digital scale helps medical professionals get discharge information without having to resort to a catheter. The extra-large LCD screen makes it easy to read results, while the tare weighing function resets the scale to zero so that users only measure the contents of the diaper when full. The wide platform creates the ideal surface for larger diapers, making this suitable for older patients. 

The removable steel tray wipes down easily, streamlining the cleaning process. This feature is ideal for busy offices with lots of patients who have to come by for measurements.

What power sources does this scale use?

This scale uses four AA batteries ― not included ― or the included AC adapter, perfect for medical offices that need the option of using multiple power sources. 

What's the scale's maximum weight capacity?

This waterproof digital scale weighs items up to 22 pounds in weight. 

How big is the scale?

The scale is 10.4 in x 7.9 in x 4.5 in. 

Is the scale waterproof?

The scale is both waterproof and dustproof, protecting it from fluids and grime even through constant use.

Features and benefits:

  • Large LCD screen makes it easy to read the data on this waterproof diaper scale with tare function - 10.4-in. x 7.9-in. x 4.5-in. 
  • The 22-lb. weight accommodates large, adult diapers
  • The removable steel tray cleans easily, perfect for busy offices
  • The tare function sets the scale to zero and excludes the weight of the empty diaper, making it easy to get an accurate read
  • The scale is battery operated and also has an AC adapter

Include this digital scale on your office's list of medical supplies so that you can deliver the service and care your patients deserve.

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