CanDo WaTE Bar Racks


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Consider a CanDo® WaTE™ bar rack to efficiently store physical therapy equipment. The rack attaches to a wall and keeps equipment neatly tucked away, maximizing treatment space. It also minimizes the chances of patients and staff accidentally stumbling over physical therapy equipment lying on the ground. Many therapists use WaTE bars in conjunction with physical therapy weights as part of strength-building routines.

CanDo makes both horizontal and vertical WaTE exercise bar racks. The company's horizontal hook racks can hold either five or ten bars. WaTE bar vertical wall racks are available in either three- or five-bar sizes.

The five and ten hook racks feature pegs you can use to hang products with hanger end caps. Three- and five-bar WaTE bar vertical wall racks securely hold selections that don't have hanger end caps.

What WaTE products work with hook racks?

They work with both Slim® and Mini™ bars. These selections come with hanger end caps that allow you to hook bars onto the racks.

How much do the five hook racks weigh?

The horizontal five-hook rack weighs 1 lb. The five-bar vertical rack is 2 lbs.


  • The CanDo WaTE bar rack attaches to walls and offers convenient storage options for physical therapy bars
  • The WaTE exercise bar rack makes it easy to keep physical therapy products neatly stored
  • Hook racks have sturdy pegs on which therapists and staff can hang physical therapy equipment
  • CanDo makes both vertical and horizontal options
  • Horizontal hook racks come in five- and ten-peg options
  • Vertical bar racks hold selections you can't easily hang 
  • CanDo has three- and five-bar WaTE bar vertical wall rack options
  • Hook racks work with CanDo Slim and Mini bars
  • Five-hook racks weigh 1 lb., and five-bar racks are 2 lbs.

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