Wall Mount Dumbbell Rack Gray laminate


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With this wall-mounted dumbbell rack in gray laminate, you will no longer need to figure out where to place your physical therapy weights. Dumbbells are one of the staples of any physical therapist’s office because they give the patient a familiar way to exercise weak muscles. However, one concern with having dumbbells is where to store them safely.

Many opt for a rack that sits on the floor, but for smaller practices, that may not be the optimal solution. This is where a pre-drilled mounting holes dumbbell rack makes perfect sense. Its minimal design only takes up a small amount of space on your wall, meaning you can dedicate the rest of your space to additional equipment.

The rods that hold up the dumbbells in this wall-mounted weight rack are tough polycarbonate and angled in a way that holds dumbbells with stability. The mounting holes necessary to mount the unit on the wall come already drilled into the unit, meaning that installation is a simple process. Once your dumbbell rack is mounted on the wall, it can hold up to 11 dumbbells. Free up space in your practice for other physical therapy supplies.

Why mount the dumbbell strip rack on the wall?

For spaces that need to keep their usable square footage to a maximum, keeping weights on the wall instead of the floor means more room for other equipment.

How will this dumbbell rack look against a practice’s color scheme?

This rack for dumbbells comes in a gray laminate, a neutral color ideal for any decor.

What weights are suitable for this wall-mounted weight rack?

This rack can hold up to 11 dumbbells of various sizes.

Weight capacity of 110lbs. 10 lbs per space/slot


  • Place your dumbbell rack on the wall to gain more space
  • This wall-mounted dumbbell rack in gray laminate comes with pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • With this dumbbell rack’s gray laminate construction, it will fit in with any design scheme in your practice
  • The polycarbonate material that makes up this dumbbell rack is durable
  • The unit’s rods are angled to increase stability

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