Venoscope® II


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Let this Venoscope® II show you the patient's venous network. Whether you're preparing to draw blood or starting an IV, this device helps you identify hard-to-locate veins. Ideal for bariatric, elderly, neonates and dark-skinned patients, this Venoscope II transilluminator uses high-intensity LED lights that project onto the subcutaneous tissue. This creates a stark contrast between the veins and surrounding tissue, making the veins easily identifiable. Locating veins successfully reduces the need for multiple sticks, increasing patient comfort and reducing the risk of infection exposure. This Venoscope vein finder stands up to alcohol or bleach for thorough cleaning.

  • The Venoscope II transilluminator makes it easy to locate veins
  • It's ideal for bariatric, elderly, neonatal and dark-skinned patients
  • It's easy to clean with bleach or alcohol

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