The Vegetative Nervous System Anatomical Chart


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The Vegetative Nervous System anatomical chart shows the nervous system in a colorful way. The chart shows in clear details the role of the vegetative nervous system in every bodily function. The nervous system anatomical chart features 75-micron thick lamination for strength. The manufacturer prints this chart on a glossy 200-gram ultraviolet (UV) ray-resistant paper for durability. The human nervous system poster comes in a 20 in. x 26 in. format that allows for writing on and wiping off with nonpermanent markers. The lamination makes sure the edges of the chart don’t curl up, and the UV protection ensures it doesn’t fade over time.

  • The nervous system anatomical chart is on a colorful, visually interactive poster
  • The chart features a 75-micron lamination to prevent curling at the edges
  • The UV-resistant paper ensures the chart is built for durability

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