CanDo VariGrip Hand Exerciser


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The CanDo® VariGrip Hand Exerciser has a thumb screw that adjusts the resistance of each finger individually. It has a palm rest that doubles up as a full hand topper. This VariGrip hand exerciser has soft finger pads and a palm rest pad to reduce pressure on patients' hands. The CanDo hand exerciser is good for rehabilitating patients after surgery. It has five base resistance levels available and modification of each resistance happens per finger. They come in different colors allowing for color coding according to the weight. Yellow is extra light, red is light, green is moderate, blue is heavy and black is extra-heavy.

  • The VariGrip hand exerciser has a thumb screw that adjusts individual finger resistance
  • The soft finger pads and palm rest pads add comfort to the user
  • It's good for post-surgical rehabilitation

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