Urine Collection Label - "24 HOUR URINE COLLECTION"


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Mark urine samples accurately with the Urine Collection Label — 24 HOUR URINE COLLECTION. This label helps you sort and classify urine samples, preventing disastrous errors. Featuring black-and-white empty fields, this urine sample label measures 2.75"W x 1.75"H. It includes several details such as start date and time, date and time of completion and more, ensuring precision and care while handling the urine specimens. Each pack comes with 1,000 urine specimen labels. They feature good-quality paper construction with a permanent adhesive, preventing them from peeling off.

  • This urine sample label helps mark urine samples accurately
  • Each pack contains 1,000 labels
  • It features permanent adhesive, ensuring it doesn't peel off

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