Universal Abdominal Binder - White


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

This Universal Abdominal Binder in white supports the abdominal area after surgery to provide compression while increasing the blood circulation and oxygen levels to accelerate recovery. It provides gentle compression to restrict the expansion of the abdomen and chest. This universal abdominal binder provides core muscle support and helps you with the lower back pain using the three-panel design. It fits around the waist comfortably, conforming to your body properly. The manufacturer makes the post-op abdominal binder using soft and smooth material that does not irritate the skin. It has a hook-and-loop closure, and comes in two styles and sizes. 

  • The universal abdominal binder provides compression to support the abdominal area 
  • The three-panel design provides core muscle support
  • The smooth and soft material is not irritable on the skin

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