Ultralite Stethoscope - 31" L


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

This Ultralite Stethoscope, 31" L, has an extra-large 1.375" diameter bell to pick out low-frequency sounds. The sensitive diaphragm gives it superior acoustic response. The clinical stethoscope has a nonchill bell and diaphragm with retaining rims for the patient’s comfort. It weighs only 4.5 oz. for portability and has a length of 31" for your comfort. The medical stethoscope has ultrasoft ear tips for your comfort and comes with a spare diaphragm for convenience. It comes with a 5-year warranty and in various colors for flexibility in ordering.

  • The extra-large diameter of the bell assists in picking out low frequency sounds
  • The nonchill bell and diaphragm ensure the patient's comfort and the 31" length ensures your comfort
  • The ear tips of the clinical stethoscope are ultrasoft for your comfort, and it comes with a spare diaphragm for convenience

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