Joslin Ultimate Arm Sling®


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Support arm weight during an injury by using the Joslin Ultimate Arm Sling®, which features soft and breathable spandex material. The stretchable pouch sling fits nearly anyone, and it's available in five sizes. Two fabric loops add proper support to your arm, keeping it in a stable position. When wearing the pediatric arm sling, patients experience less neck fatigue. The hook-and-loop closure enables simple adjustments for convenience. Spandex is a machine-washable material, which makes these arm slings fitting for reuse. 

  • Treat arm injuries such as fractures with the Joslin Ultimate Arm Sling, which is available in five sizes
  • Wearing the pouch sling minimizes neck fatigue, and two fabric loops keep arms in a natural position
  • Use the hook-and-loop arm sling design for quick adjustments

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