5 1/2 Inch Toenail Nipper


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Improve cutting performance and safety with this durable 5-1/2-in. toenail nipper. Its precision-ground blades enable sharp, accurate cuts without breaking or splitting the nail. This toenail clipper for thick nails features a flexible barrel spring to create a wide opening and minimize buckling when trimming toughened cuticles or damaged nails. Extended handles also increase reach and cutting power, and the pointed tips let you navigate carefully along ingrown nails for reduced discomfort. For safe storage, this cuticle nipper comes with a convenient locking mechanism to secure the jaws. The stainless-steel construction protects against corrosion, and the smooth finish makes the nipper easy to clean and disinfect after each use.

  • This toenail nipper features extra-sharp blades for precise and effortless cutting of hardened cuticles or nails
  • Longer handles add leverage and make difficult spots easier to access
  • A locking mechanism facilitates safe and secure storage

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