Toenail Clipper


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Offer patients and seniors safe, precision cutting with these toenail clippers. Constructed using surgical-grade steel, these deluxe nail clippers will not break after a couple of uses, and you can keep thick or ingrown nails at bay with its curved and twice-sharpened blade. The durable nail clippers feature an easy-to-grip handle that adds comfort when clipping nails. These steel nail clippers have a nonslip coating and will glide through nails easily to leave a refined profile that's not broken or jagged. Crafted precision nail clippers have been ergonomically streamlined in design to aid superior nail clipping, cutting or shaping.

  • Made from surgical-grade stainless steel for cleanness and durability
  • These toenail clippers come with an ergonomically designed handle with no-chip coating for easier nail clipping
  • Features a carefully sharpened blade that glides easily through the nail and minimizes jagging

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