Tissue Box Holder


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Tissues are one of the key parts of a medical practice as they are ideal for helping prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and a tissue box holder is a great way to keep your tissue boxes in a convenient and easy-to-access place. Storing tissues where everyone can find them is an important part of infection prevention and control at a practice. General practitioners and ear, nose and throat specialists benefit from this tissue box cover during cold and flu seasons.

This tissue box cover has an acrylic outer shell that is transparent. This acrylic shell is durable and stands up to bumps and abrasions and other sorts of pressure that may happen in the course of running a medical practice. On the back, this tissue holder has slots that make it easy to attach the unit to the wall. It comes with hardware that makes mounting to the wall even easier. This and other personal protective equipment dispensers are an essential addition to any practice that needs a new way of giving out PPE and other crucial safety supplies.

How can I save space with this tissue dispenser?

Because this tissue dispenser is wall-mounted, you don't have to take up space on a counter or table.

What is this Kleenex box cover made out of?

This tissue dispenser features a hard acrylic that won't crack, even when applying pressure to it.

How do you mount this dispenser to the wall?

The back of the unit comes with slots to easily attach it to the wall or a shelving unit.


  • Help prevent infections and the spread of pathogens with this tissue box holder
  • Keep your tissues in the same place every time for easy access for patients and staff
  • This acrylic box holder is tough and durable, making it difficult to break
  • You can easily mount this box to the wall
  • This tissue dispenser is ideal for any practices that have many patients with ear, nose and throat issues

Our selection of tissue boxes and other hospital hygiene supplies will help you decide how to better adhere to best practices.

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