Tiger Medical Products Urinary Drainage Bag Pack of 20


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Equipped with an antireflux chamber, a bedside urinary drainage bag avoids the backflow of urine to the bladder. It features a calibrated transparent front and a white back for easy reading. With clear inlet tubing, you can visualize urine flow easily for increased efficiency. Made using tough plastic, this drainage bag is resistant to tears and contains unfavorable urine odor. With a high volume capacity, it holds up to 4,000 ml of fluid, reducing emptying intervals. The medical urine bag comes with soft, flexible tubing that offers comfort while sleeping. Its sampling port allows the seamless collection of urine samples for testing. Designed with a drainage valve and spout, emptying urine from this bag is easy. An integrated hook and hanger hold tubing in place for unrestricted flow.

  • Flexible tubing makes the urinary drainage bag comfortable
  • Made from tough material, it’s durable
  • Its built-in port simplifies sample collection
  • Inlet tube is 10mm x 120 cm

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