Thumper® Sport - Personal Massager


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Promote pain relief from sore and stiff muscles using the Thumper® Sport Personal Massager for home use. It complements your active lifestyle by providing soothing relaxation after an intense workout or a long day at work. This handheld body massager features Thumper's patented drive system that delivers rapid, short bursts of energy pulses deep into the muscles for penetrating action. A choice of massage spheres combined with variable speed control offer a customized massage experience. This easy-to-operate electric therapeutic massager comes with a long, ergonomic handle for reaching all areas of your body in comfort. At only 3 lbs., it's also light enough to carry anywhere. Clean this portable body massager easily with a damp cloth.

  • The Thumper Sport personal massager delivers penetrating action for soothing relief from muscle aches and pains
  • A long, ergonomic handle enables comfortable access to target areas 
  • Its lightweight, portable and easy-to-clean design maximizes convenience

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