Thumper® Maxi Pro - Professional Massager


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Weighing 7 lbs., the Thumper® Maxi Pro Professional Massager provides deep and strong massage. You don't have to work hard or apply pressure to get a good massage. All you need to do is place the Thumper Maxi Pro massager on the muscle of your choice and allow it to do the work. This massager delivers energy vertically to the tissue, penetrating through multiple layers, relieving muscular tension and fatigue. Requiring no additional attachments, this one device provides an effective massage for multiple muscle groups, making it versatile and efficient. This Thumper Professional massager has ergonomic handles for easy use and better control.

  • This Thumper Maxi Pro massager provides a deep and strong massage
  • It penetrates various layers, alleviating muscle pain and fatigue
  • It comes with ergonomic handles for easy use

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