Thermal Leno Weave Hospital Blanket


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Supply hospitals and rehabilitation facilities with this thermal hospital blanket from CeilBlue. It measures 66 in. x 96 in., and it weighs 2.35 lbs. This thermal leno weave hospital blanket can retain temperature very well so that patients don't feel cold overnight and during the day.

Bleached blankets are suitable for medical facilities because they highlight a sanitary look. Quantity options include packs of 12 or 50 hospital blankets, so managers can equip large medical facilities. Bulk options of general supplies are also available.

What is the material option of thermal blankets?

These open weave thermal blankets are made of cotton, which is soft to the touch, and they're ideal for pre- and post-surgery treatments. Cotton is a common material in medical supplies because it's breathable. That way, individuals won't wake up sweating when using them. The leno weave design adds durability to this thermal blanket so that it won't tear under normal pressure. 

What are some characteristics of cotton thermal blankets?

With three stabilizing borders, it's easy to fold this blanket into a neat and compact shape. Secured hemming provides comfort, which makes it a popular hospital linen piece.

  • This thermal leno weave hospital blanket measures 66 in. x 96 in., and it weighs 2.35 lbs.
  • The thermal blanket is completely breathable, and it helps patients maintain body temperature while resting
  • With 100 percent soft cotton material, users can consistently enjoy comfortable sleep 
  • These thermal blankets feature bleaching, which is ideal for standard and high-end medical institutions
  • Leno weave cotton ensures durability, and it makes thermal blankets tear-resistant
  • Stabilizing borders offer convenience when using blankets, and they're easy to fold for quick storage
  • Hemming on the edges makes these thermal blankets strong

Provide a high level of comfort to patients in physical therapy with leno weave thermal hospital blankets from CeilBlue™. 

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