TheraTemp Moist Heat Pack


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The Thera-Temp® moist heat pack is ideal for treating muscle and joint pain. Physical therapists often recommend using moist heat therapy before or after exercise or treatments to ease pain and stiffness of muscles and joints. The Thera-Temp moist heat pack heats quickly in the microwave and retains heat for longer treatment. The heat pack comes in several sizes and shapes for use on various parts of the body, and they're reusable.

The moist heat pack works by heating in the microwave without using water. The non-organic beads inside the pack produce moist heat by drawing moisture from the air. Insulated fabric that provides a vapor barrier helps the heat pack maintain heat.

It's common to use hot and cold compresses to prevent or relieve pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. There are moist heat therapy options available for several parts of the body, including the back, legs, arms and neck. Heat packs designed for use on the head also provide relief from migraines.

Can moist heat therapy help with neck pain?

To ease neck pain from arthritis or neck injury, use a moist heat neck wrap that is specifically designed for the neck.

How do heat wraps work?

The heat wrap produces heat when in the microwave without water. Special beads produce heat by drawing moisture from the humidity in the air. The fleece side of the wrap protects skin from burns. The insulated fabric on the other side helps to retain heat and direct it toward the affected area.

How do the heat wraps remain in place?

Most wraps come with a 3 in. x 27 in. belt to keep them in place.


  • Moist heat packs are reusable
  • Heat the pack in the microwave without using water
  • Insulated Thera-Temp moist heat packs retain heat for longer periods
  • Moist heat packs are available in a variety of sizes to treat various areas on the body
  • The fleece side of the pack helps protect skin from burns

When shopping for physical therapy supplies, keep a variety of moist heat therapy options available to ease muscle and joint pain and stiffness.

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