Suitcase Set of 24 BONElike Vertebrae


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Representing the structures of the human vertebrae to the finest detail, this Suitcase Set of 24 BONElike™ Vertebrae looks and feels like real human bones. Useful as a substitute for real bones for student and patient education, this set includes key components of the human vertebrae, including seven cervical, 12 thoracic and five lumbar vertebrae. This BONElike vertebrae suitcase set features individual compartments that hold all 24 vertebrae bones separately. It comes with an easy-to-carry case, making it easily portable. This suitcase set of 24 vertebrae has individual vertebrae neatly labeled for easy identification. It's a practical educational tool that allows an in-depth study of the various bones of the human spine.

  • This BONElike vertebrae suitcase set represents the various bones of the human spine
  • It comes in a convenient carry case, making it easily portable
  • It comes with 24 vertebrae bones, all labeled

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