Stocked Phlebotomy Tray with 13mm Tube Rack Bundle


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The stocked phlebotomy tray with a 13 mm tube rack bundle has four compartments for convenient storage. Made with strong acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, it’s chemical- and impact-resistant. The phlebotomy tray kit comes with a rugged test tube holder and holds the supplies needed to draw blood efficiently. It comes with approximately 100 latex-free tourniquets, a case of bandages, six rolls of CoFlex® bandages and 200 alcohol prep pads. The mini phlebotomy tray comes with a comfortable grip handle for ease of transport. Choose from either blue and red trays when ordering.

  • The phlebotomy tray kit has a comfortable hand grip for ease of transport to the patient’s bedside
  • The four compartments offer systematic storage of phlebotomy supplies
  • The ABS plastic tray comes stocked with tourniquets, bandages, CoFlex bandages and alcohol prep pads

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