Stainless Steel Slant Rack


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

This stainless steel slant rack provides adjustable 5- or 11-degree angles that keep tubes slanted to the degree needed. It has three pull-out shelves that give easy access. The slant rack allows maximum contact area between fluid inoculum and medium, making it ideal for cultures and testing. It holds up to 36 tubes. The manufacturer uses stainless steel for the test tube rack for strength and durability. Its stackable construction design provides versatility in lab organization. The rack measures 10.75" W x 8" D x 6" H.

  • The adjustable 5- or 11-degree angle keeps tubes slanted to the correct degree 
  • The stackable slant rack holds up to 36 tubes
  • The stainless-steel material makes it strong and durable

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