Stainless Steel Glove Box Dispensers with White Epoxy Powder Coat


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Take advantage of the benefits of stainless steel glove box dispensers with white epoxy powder coat. Choose from double, triple, and quad glove box dispenser models, or look for glove box dispenser accessories. The use of gloves is important in patient care facilities for infection prevention and control, and these glove dispensers provide a ready supply.

The glove box dispensers can hold up to four boxes, and it's possible to switch glove boxes quickly without moving lower boxes. The support shelf ensures that boxes on the bottom section won't move until you need them. Use a bleach solution to maintain a clean look for the glove dispenser wall-mount and other glove box holders. With a white aesthetic, the dispensers are suitable for exam rooms and similar professional workspaces. Pre-drilled holes in the glove box dispensers simplify the installation process.

How can you mount these glove dispensers?

Users can mount steel glove dispensers vertically or horizontally, depending on the specific situation. The wall-mountable feature is helpful for small establishments that are looking for space-saving solutions. Mounting hardware for proper installation of the medical glove dispensers is included for convenience.

What are the benefits of glove box dispensers?

These dispensers let staff grab gloves quickly while keeping the items free from cross-contamination, helping prevent wastage. 


  • CeilBlue™ stainless steel glove box dispensers with white epoxy powder coat are suitable for medical facilities, storage facilities and other establishments
  • Options include double, triple, and quad glove box dispensers, which allow you to store up to four boxes 
  • Install disposable glove box holders in a horizontal or vertical way to save space
  • Switch glove boxes and medical packages easily without moving lower boxes
  • The white dispenser design offers a professional look, which makes dispensers suitable for medical exam rooms
  • Simply clean glove box dispensers with a bleach solution to maintain their clean appearance
  • Mounting hardware is available with the glove box dispensers

Supply exam rooms or doctor's offices with wall-mountable glove box dispensers, which can hold two, three, or four glove boxes.

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