Square Chrome Step-On Hamper


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Make sure that your physical therapy facility or medical office remains neat and clean with this square chrome step-on hamper. Busy facilities go through medical practice supplies like linens, lab coats and towels at record speed. Depending on the facility, it may not be possible to launder these items immediately, resulting in loads of dirty items that are not only unsightly but also unsanitary. This is a critical issue in spaces where features like cleanliness and medication safety are key. This hamper stand makes it possible to retain control over these types of spaces. 

The square tilt-top hamper has a chrome-plated steel frame that comes with an extremely tough, poly-coated steel lid, helping ensure that the hamper remains in good condition for a long time while keeping contents tidily inside. A spring-loaded, foot-controlled pedal controls the lid so that your hands are free to load the hamper. 

The attached storage pouch comes with extra hamper bags, making it possible to keep supplies for the hamper close at hand instead of constantly having to stop and go look through your other medical practice furniture to find what you need. The hamper has 3-in. hard wheel casters that glide easily along the floor, allowing staff to get through areas quicker and more efficiently. 

How many multipurpose bags does the hamper hold?

The hamper holds 36 42-gal. multipurpose bags.

What are the dimensions of the hamper?

The hamper is 18.625 in.W x 19.5 in.D x 37.75 in.H, an ideal size for staff to roll throughout the facility.

  • Use this convenient square chrome step-on hamper to keep your premises tidy
  • The chrome-plated steel frame makes the hamper extremely durable, ideal for long-term use in busy facilities
  • The attached storage pouch contains extra hamper bags, ideal in spaces where there's large dirty linen turnover
  • The foot-operated pedal controls the lid so that staffers are free to use both hands to empty or load the hamper

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