Anatomical Chart - Sports Injuries, Laminated


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Consider the 3B® Scientific anatomical chart for sports injuries, laminated format, as a visual aid to help explain to athletes common sports injuries. The chart briefly describes injuries that occur to joints and what may cause them. Understanding injury causes may help prevent them from reoccurring in the future.

Like the sports anatomical chart, displaying safety signs and sports injuries charts in a physical training or healthcare facility provides important information in a visually impactful way. Patient care areas may also benefit from 3B injury charts, 3-D models and other visual aids when educating patients about injury prevention.

This full-color anatomy chart identifies different parts of the body including muscles, bones and joints. The sports injuries chart also shows joint injuries along with a brief description. Anatomy charts used in conjunction with 3-D models can show patients how certain areas of the body work and interact, providing a better understanding of certain injuries.

Are there benefits to using the injury chart?

The use of this scientific injury chart provides a colorful and eye-catching display of information and visual representation to help patients identify body parts and their operation. Using human anatomy charts and models to explain a current or potential injury can help make understanding come easier.

What are the chart dimensions?

The full-color 3B scientific injury chart measures 20 in.L x 25 in.W (50 cm x 67 cm).

What information is on the chart?

  • The anatomical chart for sports injuries, laminated format, shows common sports injuries
  • The chart offers descriptions of several joint injuries
  • It demonstrates potential causes of common joint injuries
  • It shows which sports contribute to specific injuries
  • The chart provides a description of the RICE treatment method

Use 3B injury charts along with other human anatomy charts and 3-D models to help athletes better understand sports injuries and their causes.

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