Spinal Nerves Anatomical Chart


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Add visual interest to a waiting area or patient treatment room with the spinal nerves anatomical chart, which features attractive color illustrations that educate and inform. Use it as a teaching tool when discussing maladies and treatments with patients. In the classroom, human anatomy charts and models provide students with visual references that expand upon material covered in textbooks or lectures. This spinal nerve chart has many hand-drawn illustrations that show all significant aspects of the human nervous system.

Two large illustrations on the spinal anatomy chart depict all the major nerves of the human body. Colored highlights show the relationship between individual nerves and regions of the body. The chart also has easy-to-read labels that identify each nerve.

This poster has two smaller images that detail specific parts of the spine. One shows the relative positions of the spinal cord, major nerves and vertebrae, while the other shows the branching structure of a typical thoracic nerve. The beautiful illustrations show small details clearly, making this poster an excellent teaching tool.

Separate front and rear views of the human body show the dermatomes. Using these illustrations, doctors can tell patients how skin sensations can aid in the diagnosis of nerve damage.

What type of finish does this poster have?

The spinal nerve chart is on heavy-duty, glossy white paper. Use it in an office as a conversation piece or place multiple human anatomy charts in a waiting area to occupy patients before treatment sessions.

How big is this spinal anatomy chart?

This poster is 50 cm wide and 67 cm tall, about 20 in. x 26 in.


  • The spinal nerves anatomical chart features color illustrations of the nervous system
  • The main images show each major nerve
  • The spinal anatomy chart shows front and rear views of the human body for added clarity
  • Clear labels identify major feature
  • Color highlights indicate the links between areas of the body and the nervous system
  • A separate image shows the spinal cord, nerves and vertebrae interact
  • Front and rear illustrations of the human body depict the dermatomes
  • A detailed image displays a typical thoracic nerve
  • The spinal nerve chart features durable, heavy-duty paper with an attractive, glossy finish

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