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Giving your patients a top-quality level of care is one of the best things you can do, and this anatomical chart of the spinal column is a valuable addition to any practice that leverages medical charts for more accurate diagnoses.

Spinal injuries can be among some of the most debilitating injuries a patient can suffer, and explaining the many different injuries that can befall the spine may be difficult to communicate clearly. Detailed human anatomy charts help toward providing a good level of care to patients suffering from complex injuries. This human spine chart gives a front and side view of the spine as well as depictions of the individual vertebrae and the inner workings of the spinal column. With this, your patients have a better idea of the condition they have.

This vertebral column anatomical chart is as medically accurate as possible, conforming to the most up-to-date medical science. A physical therapy practice or spine specialist will find considerable use from this handy and easy-to-understand reference sheet. This chart of the spine accompanies many other health and safety signs that communicate valuable information to both the patient and attending medical staff.

How many visual references does this human spine chart feature?

This chart of the spine shows the front and side views of the spine that reveal the curvature. It also comes with 11 smaller visual references that illustrate other workings of the spine.

What practitioners will benefit from this anatomical chart?

This is an ideal visual reference for physical therapy offices, practitioners of spine surgery and practitioners of sports medicine. This includes:

  • Educating your patients with a medically accurate anatomical chart of the spinal column
  • Giving you a simple or detailed view of spinal health with this convenient guide
  • Providing a front and side view of the spine
  • Containing 11 references corresponding to the spine's different functions
  • Offering a view of the spine's full functions in a more concise and easily digestible way

Our human anatomy charts and models can give you ideas on how to optimize your practice.

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