Soft Handle Utensils


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Soft Handle Utensils by Fabrication Enterprises, Inc. (FEI) provide a more accessible cutlery option to people with sensitive hands, achy joints or who have arthritis. The lightweight cutlery has an increase in the grip size for easier handling to maintain a normal eating surface. FEI make the easy-grip handles on these utensils with cleanliness in mind. The soft foam handle utensils come off for easy washing, and because it’s made from a closed-cell foam, it stays dry. This cutlery comes in a range of implements, including knives, forks and spoons of varying sizes.

  • Provides people who have sensitive hands and achy joints with an easy-grip handle on utensils
  • Grips made from closed-cell foam to help the utensils stay clean and dry
  • Removable soft foam handles on utensils for easy washing


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