Slip-Gard™ Floor Sign - Hearing Protection


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

This Slip-Gard™ Floor Sign — Hearing Protection Required has a yellow background that's bold and visible from a distance. The manufacturer overlaminates the vinyl sign with a protective rough, nonslip vinyl surface to increase durability. This Hearing Protection Required sign ensures that everyone knows the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need in an area. The words and images are simple and widely known to avoid confusion. This Hearing Protection sign has an acrylic adhesive back that's permanent and strong with a peel-off liner for easy attachment on clean, dry surfaces. It's round in shape and available in 8 in. and 17 in. sizes.

  • The yellow background is highly visible from a distance
  • The protective vinyl surface increases durability
  • The strong adhesive backing of the Hearing Protection Required sign eases attachment on surfaces

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