Slip-Gard™ Floor Sign - Forklift Lane No Pedestrians


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Increase safety in industrial workplaces by using Slip-Gard™ floor signs — Forklift Lane No Pedestrians. Vinyl material includes an extra layer of laminated vinyl, which makes signs practical for heavy-traffic use. The surface of No Pedestrian signs protects the message and image throughout long-term use. The permanent adhesive back includes a peel-off liner for convenience. Size options for pedestrian warning signs include round 8-in. and 17-in. dimensions.

  • Protect individuals around industrial sites with No Pedestrian signs, which feature a durable vinyl surface
  • The protective laminated layer ensures that the message remains visible for an extended period
  • Dimensions include 8-in. and 17-in. round signs

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