Slip-Gard™ Floor Sign - Eye Protection Required


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Alert all personnel about protecting their eyes in a hazardous area with this Slip-Gard™ floor sign - Eye Protection Required. Bold colors, striking print and a unique shape grab attention, warning everyone in the area to follow necessary safety protocols. This eye protection required sign features durable vinyl material with a protective nonslip, pebbled textured surface, making it useful for busy areas such as walkways, entrances and pathways. It's over-laminated to prevent the color and graphics from fading away due to heavy foot traffic. Featuring a permanent acrylic adhesive back, this eye protection sign adheres to clean, smooth and dry surfaces.

  • This eye protection required sign warns personnel of potential hazards in the area
  • This sign features durable vinyl with a textured and nonslip surface for added safety
  • It withstands heavy foot traffic, resisting color fade off

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