Slip-Gard™ Floor Sign - Critical Area FOD


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Employers use this Slip-Gard™ floor sign - Critical Area FOD to warn their workers to be aware of foreign object debris. The manufacturer laminates the thick vinyl sign with a rough nonslip protective vinyl layer to increase its durability. The vinyl layer of these FOD control signs also protects the subsurface print graphics from heavy pedestrian traffic. It has a permanent acrylic sticky back that's strong and firmly sticks to dry, smooth and clean surfaces. The FOD floor sign has a peel-off layer that makes it easy to apply. The bold words and graphics are simple and clear, preventing confusion. It's round and available in two sizes: 8 in. and 17 in.

  • The sign cautions employees of foreign object debris
  • The protective vinyl layer of the FOD control signs allows it to last long
  • The peel off layer allows for easy application

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