Slip-Gard™ Floor Sign - Caution Watch Your Step


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Alert staff and visitors to prevent accidents and mishaps with this Slip-Gard™ floor sign — Caution Watch Your Step. This sign has thick and durable vinyl material that's overlaminated so the color and graphics won't fade easily. A protective, non-slip and pebbled texture makes this Caution Watch Your Step floor sign durable and long-lasting, while offering better traction, preventing slip-and-fall accidents. Subsurface printing and heavy-duty lamination ensure the color and graphics stand up to heavy pedestrian foot traffic. This Watch Your Step sign has a permanent acrylic adhesive back so it adheres strongly to a smooth, clean and dry surface.

  • This Caution Watch Your Step floor sign alerts staff and visitors and help make your site safe
  • It's overlaminated, so it stands up to heavy foot traffic
  • It has a non-slip, pebbled surface for enhanced durability

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