Slip-Gard™ Floor Sign - Caution Forklift Traffic


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Use this Slip-Gard™ floor sign — Caution Forklift Traffic — in the areas where forklifts are in use. This reminds staff and personnel to take extra precautions, preventing accidents and injuries. This Slip-Gard floor sign has bright colors and prominent graphics, making it easily identifiable. It features thick vinyl for durability. A nonslip, pebbled texture offers better traction, preventing the risk of slipping. This Slip Gard Caution Forklift Traffic sign features overlamination to protect graphics and messages from fading. It comes with a strong adhesive back that prevents it from peeling off easily. Two sizes are available.

  • Use this Slip-Gard floor sign where forklifts go
  • Overlamination makes graphics and messages on this signage fade-resistant
  • It has a thick, pebbled texture for added durability and better traction

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