Slip-Gard™ Floor Shape - Circle


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

This Slip-Gard™ Floor Shape — Circle — helps prevent workplace accidents to workers related to slippery floors. The manufacturer uses dual layers in its production: the color and the clear textured vinyl. A rough protective nonslip vinyl laminates the circle shape sign to increase its durability. The lamination also protects the sign from tearing due to heavy pedestrian traffic. It has an acrylic adhesive back that's strong. The round shape sticker label has a back liner that's easy to peel off and it adheres to smooth, clean and dry surfaces. The circles come in different colors and two sizes: 3 in. and 6 in.

  • The circle shape sticker comes in a double layer represented by the color and clear texture vinyl
  • A nonslip vinyl lamination protects the circle shape sign to increase durability
  • The strong acrylic back enables adhering to a variety of surfaces

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