Slip-Gard™ Floor Marking Kit - Eye Wash Station


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Employees use the Slip-Gard™ floor marking kit for eyewash stations to identify these vital safely stations and to keep the area around them clear of obstructions. The sign kit has a three-piece precut border and a round 17" floor sign. This eyewash station sign has bold graphics and printed messages that clearly relay the information and help avoid confusion. The manufacturer laminates it with a rough, non-slip protective vinyl layer to increase durability. The protective layer also protects the subsurface printing from pedestrian traffic. The eyewash sign has a permanent acrylic adhesive back that's strong, allowing it to stick to dry, smooth and clean surfaces. It has a peel-off layer, so it's easy to apply.

  • This eyewash station sign aids in the identification of the station's location and in avoiding obstructions
  • The bold graphics and printed messages relay clear information efficiently
  • The protective vinyl layer increases the sign's useful life

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