Slim Glove Box Holders


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Keep medical gloves in a convenient and centralized place slim glove box holders. You can keep the boxes of gloves separate from one another with spaces for multiple boxes on a single unit. That way, you will always be able to provide your staff and practitioners with an easy way of grabbing gloves no matter what type of practice you run. You need glove box dispenser accessories that improve the workflow at your practice and help you follow best practices in how you run your medical office, and this disposable glove box holder works great for providing better service to your patients.

One of the most annoying things when reloading a medical glove dispenser is that if your dispenser loads at the bottom, you have to remove all of the boxes to replace only one. However, this valuable glove box holder dispenses from the side, meaning you don't have to remove all the boxes when you want to replace only one. You have the option of selecting from a single, double, triple or quadruple box setup. The quadruple glove dispenser with wall mount box comes in two varieties: vertical and horizontal.

Does this glove dispenser have strong dividers?

Made from durable acrylic, this glove dispenser can stand up to whatever pressure you put on it.

Can I mount this glove box to the wall?

This disposable glove box holder mounts to the wall, offering practitioners an easy way of accessing gloves conveniently (hardware not included).


  • Help your hospital staff find gloves with the centralized slim glove box holders. Glove dispenser holds slim glove boxes up to 2.75" deep
  • With easy wall mounting, you won't have to worry about losing your glove box holder
  • With single, double, triple and two quad holders, you can fit several boxes of gloves at once
  • Side mounting means no need to remove all boxes to replace only one

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