Skull with Cleft Jaw with Cleft Palate and Maxilla


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The 3B Scientific® skull model with cleft jaw and palate and maxilla provides an accurate way to show medical abnormalities that may occur with the human skull. This one-part male skull model shows severe malformation with a cleft palate and jaw on the skull's left half. The natural cast cleft palate skull features 29 teeth and accurate representations of fissures, processes, sutures and foramina. Its hard, unbreakable plastic is ideal for use in medical offices and classrooms as a physical representation to educate parents and students about malformations of the human skull.

  • 3B Scientific human male skull model shows an accurate representation of cleft jaw and palate
  • The cleft palate skull features 29 teeth and accurately represents the skull's foramina, fissures and processes
  • Use the model to educate students and parents about medical malformations of the skull

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