Sink Splash Guard with Convenient Cutaway


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Maintain patient care and safety with the sink splash guard with convenient cutaway. This sink splash shield is made from high-quality acrylic for maximum durability. Clinics and hospitals have a high degree of operational standards and practices that involve the use of sink splash guards and biohazard shields. This standard protects other patients from possible cross-contamination and encourages infection prevention and control.

This acrylic guard keeps water and other fluids from splashing out into other areas and workstations. This splash guard is offered in five different size options, with sizes ranging from short (4.5 in.W x 16 in.H x 15.75 in.L) to extra-large (4.5 in.W x 18.1 in.H x 35.6 in.L) to cover any clinical setting. The splash guard is portable enough to tote around for quick access and use. Splash guards and other safety items, such as PPE dispensers can be found at CeilBlue™.

How does the guard help clinics maintain safety standards?

The sink splash shield keeps fluids from splashing onto other areas and patients. This enables healthcare settings to maintain safety standards and practices and lessen the chances of cross-contamination between workstations.

What is the splash guard made out of?

The splash guard is made of high-quality acrylic for maximum durability and shelf life.

How wide is the base of the acrylic biohazard shield?

All these shields have 4.5-in. wide bases that provide good stability.


  • This sink splash guard with convenient cutaway helps clinics and hospitals maintain safety standards and practice procedures
  • The guard is made of high-quality acrylic for enhanced sturdiness and a longer shelf life
  • It comes in five different sizes from short to extra-large
  • The splash guard is easy to use and and move around to different workstations
  • It offers protection from splashes

Protect your patients and others by maintaining a high level of safety with acrylic guards.

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