Sink Splash Guards with Sign Holder


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When you are washing your hands, these sink splash guards with sign holder help medical staff to keep infectious diseases at bay that may be spread by water. You can use the sign holder that comes with the sink splash guard and biohazard shield to communicate useful information to practitioners. You can put up information about how to properly wash hands, how to properly attend to patients, or when important meetings are coming up by slipping a piece of paper in between the two layers of acrylic.

This sink splash shield is made out of a durable acrylic. This means that the acrylic guard will not snap or break from repeated use. In addition, it does not discolor or fade over time due to exposure to light. You can also use this splash shield as a barrier between two workstations. If you have a crowded practice that needs to separate the working areas of multiple practitioners, this is an ideal solution. When practicing infection prevention and control, you need to comply with regulations that keep patients' important items out of the way of splashes and spills. With this acrylic biohazard shield, you have a handy and convenient way of doing so.

Can you take this sink splash guard anywhere?

This splash guard is portable, meaning no matter what sink it needs to go in front of, you can put it in front of that sink.

Is this a durable piece of equipment?

Most certainly. This acrylic biohazard shield is made out of a sturdy acrylic that won't bend or break.


  • Keep harmful pathogens that can spread through water in the sink at bay with these sink splash guards with sign holder
  • You can also separate workstations in your practice with this acrylic biohazard shield
  • You can transport this portable splash guard anywhere you want for a more versatile practice
  • A gap in the two layers of the acrylic allows you to insert signs and other useful visual material 
  • Compliant with regulations that keep patients' materials out of the way of spills
  • 23.625"L x 4.5"W x 19.25"H

The CeilBlue™ selection of PPE dispensers and other essential medical supplies is sure to help your practice improve to its best.

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