Single Breast with benign tumor


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Use the 3B Scientific® single breast with benign tumor model to educate patients so they can make informed decisions. It works with the ultrasonic echoscope GS200 device to display anomalies like tumors and cysts via two-dimensional B-mode images. This silicone breast examination model also serves as a practical training tool for healthcare staff and medical students. It features the exclusive SKINlike™ silicone material that enables a finely detailed depiction of the skin. This dermatologically tested fake silicone boob also offers a realistic feel for high accuracy. Apply talcum powder periodically to maintain its supple texture. For proper cleaning, use a mild soap solution to remove light soils from this breast lump model.

  • This silicone breast anatomical model provides a full-size, accurate representation of a breast with benign tumor
  • The SKINlike silicone material ensures lifelike details and a natural feel
  • It cleans easily with a mild soap solution

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