Ghent Silhouette Enclosed Fabric Bulletin Board


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Equipped with a full vinyl tack surface, the Ghent® Silhouette enclosed fabric bulletin board lets you pin announcements or messages for convenient display. Its wide surface area accommodates multiple documents of varying sizes. With a clear glass door, your postings are easily visible. Its lockable tempered glass door offers protection against environmental damage and vandalism of enclosed postings. The versatile Ghent Silhouette bulletin board comes with a rounded top and bottom frame, so you can hang it with the lock on your preferred side. Its minimal side framing allows side-by-side placement of multiple boards for an immersive, unobstructed view. Elegantly finished, this fabric-covered board seamlessly blends into diverse settings including client-accessible lobbies and hallways. It comes in two fabric and two frame color options.

  • An enclosed fabric bulletin board protects postings
  • Glass doors offer clear visibility
  • The sleek design allows mounting in various settings

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