Side-Loading Acrylic Glove Box Holder


With sanitation as a key component of operating a doctor’s office or hospital, Acrylic Side Loading Glove Box Holders are a timesaving innovation that fixes a common problem seen in medical facilities. Many infections are acquired in a hospital setting, and with bacteria growing more resistant to antimicrobial treatments, using latex gloves is essential in providing proper infection control. A glove box holder that loads from the top and holds multiple boxes can make changing an empty box a challenge. All the boxes have to come out to replace one box, then all the boxes have to go back in. This glove box holder eliminates unnecessary time spent changing out boxes.

This medical glove holder comes in three neutral colors ideal for any design scheme. In addition, these glove box holders come in single, double, triple and quad configurations, giving you the ability to store up to four glove boxes in the same unit, with molded dividers keeping the boxes independent from each other so replacing one box at a time is easy. The standardized dimensions of these containers mean that no matter what brand of exam gloves you use, the box will fit inside the holder.

  • Consistent use of gloves is a necessary step to prevent the spread of infections
  • Top-loading glove box holders have a design flaw that causes you to unload every box to replace one
  • With CeilBlue™ acrylic side loading glove box holders only one box needs to come out at a time
  • These medical glove holders accommodate up to four glove boxes separate from each other
  • Glove box holders come in black, clear, or white
  • Holders fit whatever brand of gloves you use because of their standard dimensions
  • The glove box holders offer a superior design

Can these glove box holders be placed on a wall?

Yes, you can hang them on a wall. They feature mounting holes in the back and come with mounting hardware. 

What are the glove box holder dimensions?

The single, double, triple, and quad dispensers all measure 10.125"" wide x 4.125"" deep. Each offers a different height to accommodate up to four glove boxes. The single measures 5.5"" high; the double is 10.75"" high; the triple is 16"" high; the quad is 21.25"" high.

Keep staff and patients protected from bacteria and infection with acrylic side loading glove box holders from CeilBlue.

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