Shoveling Work Station


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Simulating the repetitive function of shoveling, this shoveling work station helps injured patients rebuild strength and confidence to return to work. It helps physical and occupational therapists evaluate patients in a safe and supervised manner. This natural-finish shoveling work station provides therapists a tool for simulating actual work actions like scooping up material and raising it to one of three shelf heights. It has shelves with adjustable height settings that allow patients to broaden their range of motion, helping them work on strengthening their shoulders, legs and back. This work hardening station comes with shovels to ready patients to get back to active duty.

  • This natural-finish shoveling work station helps injured workers rebuild strength in their muscles
  • It simulates actual tasks like shoveling items and raising them to various heights
  • It features shelves with adjustable height settings, helping patients exercise a variety of muscle groups

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